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Filing business personal property tax returns is one of the most time-consuming aspects of a company’s property tax management, but there is a solution:

  • When you work with Delta Property Tax Advisors, you won’t have to worry about your business personal property tax compliance. We’ll handle everything from ensuring accurate asset data to managing the variety of filing requirements in multiple jurisdictions. That way your team can spend more time on your revenue-generating activities. 

Recent Tax Savings

Commercial Real Estate37%
Industrial Real Estate 31%
Manufacturing Equipment28%
Inventory 55%
Special Purpose Utility20%

Property Types

 Not sure what you need done? Give us a call and learn how we can ease your business personal property tax burden with our comprehensive property tax compliance services, and ensure that you take advantage of all possible tax savings opportunities.

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Want to learn how Delta can help you file your Business Personal Property Tax returns?

Here is what to expect when you partner with Delta for your property tax returns:

Internal Asset Research


Line by line asset categorization

Asset Analysis

Identify non-taxable costs

Functional Obsolescence

Quantify process flaws that diminish value

Inventory Valuation

Taxable Value

Cost does not equal value

Tax Code Definition

Price it would trade to a buyer continuing the business

Inventory Analysis

Aging study, cost analysis, obsolescence, shrinkage, intangibles

External Market Research

Sales Comparison

Depreciation measured through comparable asset sales analysis


Production impacted by external forces

Changes in Buyer Behavior

Effects of supply and demand

Success Stories

Took over filing of 1,100 returns for a national retail chain. Implementing our filing system saved them $500,000 in property taxes in their first year with Delta

Saved 26% in first-year filing for a regional bank. Our strategy achieved these savings without any appeals or excess contingency fees

Proactive evaluation and compliance efforts saved our energy client over $150,000 in inventory property taxes

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