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What Factors Influence Commercial Property Tax Appraisals?

The most common appraisal methodology used for commercial property tax appraisal is the mass appraisal approach. It is geared toward high output appraisal processes which works great for the assessor who is trying to value as many properties as possible in a short time frame. However, this method has limitations in measuring the unique factors of your specific property that influence market value.

To counter errors inherent in the Mass Appraisal Approach, Delta’s commercial property tax consultants proactively analyze a comprehensive set of criteria that could dramatically affect your final appraised value.

Recent Tax Savings

Commercial Real Estate37%
Industrial Real Estate 31%
Manufacturing Equipment28%
Inventory 55%
Special Purpose Utility20%

Property Types

▲ Principle of Contribution – Your commercial property comes with the expectation of future benefits. What factors are at risk of affecting that future revenue stream?

Direct Capitalization – Capitalization rate research is a critical component in the valuation of income producing properties. Have you had a recent cap rate study in your market to help determine fair market value?

Equal and Uniform Analysis – Your property should be valued fairly against similar properties in the area. Have you investigated the appraisal district’s comparable properties and challenged unequal property tax assessments?

Principle of Substitution – The cost of acquiring an equivalent, and possibly more profitable, substitute property could be less than replacing your existing property. How does your assessed value compare?

Functional Obsolescence – Some property features, amenities or designs could become obsolete with the passage of time. Is your building’s design impeding your profitability?

Economic Obsolescence – External economic factors that are beyond your control could affect appraisal valuations.  Are there changes in your neighborhood that should be considered?

Delta’s commercial property tax consultants take all of these factors, and many more, into consideration when challenging your appraised values.

Learn how Delta Property Tax Advisors can reduce your Commercial Real Estate Property Taxes.

Success Stories

Retail Stores – Created and implemented a cost approach model for a client with 180+ special purpose retail stores that resulted in $450,000 in property tax savings

1,070 Unit Self-Storage – 38% Reduction in property taxes

199,999 sf Office Building – Reduced 15% after Equal & Uniform analysis.

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