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Lower Your Property Taxes on Complex Property

Complex Property Valuation Requires Hands-on Expertise

Valuing large, complex properties can be a difficult process, often leading to overpayment of property taxes. Unique property types often have limited secondary markets, custom machinery and equipment, and fluctuating demand for the commodity or product produced. It takes a team with specific knowledge of the many variables involved with the industry to properly challenge an incorrect assessment and devise a winning strategy acceptable to both the taxing authorities and your organization.

Delta proactively analyzes a comprehensive set of criteria, identifying issues that could dramatically affect the market value of your property.

Recent Tax Savings

Commercial Real Estate37%
Industrial Real Estate 31%
Manufacturing Equipment28%
Inventory 55%
Special Purpose Utility20%

Property Types

▲ Is new and emerging technology rendering your assets obsolete, due to inadequate efficiency, or excessive operating costs?

▲ Has your company experienced changes in utilization or profit margin due to economic trends, supply/demand changes, or government regulation?

▲ Are you being taxed for assets, years after they were scrapped, disposed, or idle?

▲Are you capturing loss in value due to low utilization?

▲Is your current consultant asking these questions?

Delta Property Tax Advisors takes all of these factors, and many more, into consideration when challenging your appraised values.

Learn how Delta Property Tax Advisors can reduce your Property Taxes for Complex Properties.

Success Stories

40% valuation reduction of pipeline and terminal assets resulting in tax savings of over $980,000

34% Year over year property tax reduction for a highly specialized manufacturing facility after performing a capacity utilization analysis

$270,000 Property tax reduction for a utility company after taking over from a previous agent

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