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Have you found that tax assessors typically misclassify your assets and do not account for all forms of depreciation present in the market? This is a common issue when mass appraisal methods are used to value machinery & equipment.

Delta Property Tax Advisors has a sophisticated team of tax professionals with a thorough understanding of the property tax issues that manufacturers face. We examine the uniqueness of your machinery & equipment and account for marketplace conditions when determining fair taxable value.

Recent Tax Savings

Commercial Real Estate37%
Industrial Real Estate 31%
Manufacturing Equipment28%
Inventory 55%
Special Purpose Utility20%

Property Types

Opportunities for tax savings exist in several areas with thorough analysis. Our in-depth investigation can quantify the issues that are preventing you from maximizing production and efficiencies.

Is new and emerging technology rendering your assets obsolete, due to inadequate efficiency, or excessive operating costs?

Do you have slow-moving inventory prone to commodity price fluctuation, spoilage, shrinkage or functionality?

▲ Has your company experienced changes in utilization or profit margin due to economic trends, supply/demand changes, or government regulation?

▲ Have you exempted your pollution control assets from property taxation?

These factors and more must be considered when important tax dollars are at stake. You are the expert at manufacturing your product. Our team is the expert at solving your property tax problems.

Learn how Delta Property Tax Advisors can reduce your Manufacturing Equipment Property Taxes.

Success Stories

55% valuation reduction of inventory resulting in tax savings of $152,000

50% Valuation reduction of Mining Equipment resulting in tax savings of over $500,000

28% Valuation reduction of Food Processing Equipment resulting in tax savings of nearly $300,000

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